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I love old cameras, vintage photo effects and instant pictures. But don’t be mistaken, I am not a photographer. I just love analog photography.

At the picture you can see four polaroid cameras. My first one: the Polaroid 650 Land Camera (using 600 film), my second: the One600 (also using 600 film), my third: the image system (using image system or spectra film) and my fourth: the Polaroid Land Camera 1000 (using sx-70 film). I recently bought another one, the Polaroid Land Camera Colour Swinger, to test the rare Viva film i found.

I started buying Polaroid cameras after seeing the exhibition It’s not only Rock’n’Roll, Baby! in the BOZAR in Brussels, which was in 2008. It showed a series of important works by musicians from the 1970s to our days. I was really impressed by two works: the blood art of Pete Doherty and the ‘Polaroid wall’ of The Kills. That wall consisted of 400 polaroids from 2002 till 2006 laid out in a cool orb-like grid*. I immediately wanted a wall like that one.

There’s another instant camera on the picture, the Fujifilm INSTAX 210 Instant Photo Camera. It looks like Polaroid, but the pictures are long in width, not in height. And they cost less.

The rest of the analog cameras you see are a Yashica TL Electro (a camera made in 1972, but still works perfectly! I got it from my boyfriend, who got it from it’s uncle), a vivitar ultra wide & slim camera (I also have the Vivitar Panoramic Focus Free camera but I forget to place it in the picture) and a Smena-8 camera (an antique russian camera).

The two analog (lomo) cameras left on the picture are the ones I bought on my Erasmus in Portsmouth, England. The red one looks like a disposable camera, but you can actually reload the camera. It’s a Lomolitos “Single Use” Camera with Red Color Flash. You can also buy it with a blue, yellow or green color flash. The other one is a Diana F+ camera, which I bought with all the accesoires as you can see on the picture (the Diana F+ Deluxe Kit).

Now, you might think i must be crazy to give so much money on cameras when i’m not a photographer, but actually they didn’t cost me that much. Most of the camers I bought on ebay for a very very low price. And they all work! Even when I don’t use them a lot, I still love to collect them. Like others collect stamps, spoons or other things that are mostly just to look at. At least it’s a collection that I can sometimes take out the closet and actually use it.


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