Facebook Places.

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You may already have heard of the location based applications Foursquare and Gowalla. I made an account on both, but since I don’t have the right mobile for it yet, I can’t tell you much about it. When I do have one, I’ll make sure to give you an update ;) At the moment I can only tell you that you need an Android, iPhone or Blackerry mobile to “check-in” at Foursquare-locations, or if you live in the U.S. you can also check-in by sms. Gowalla is currently only supported on Android and iPhone but is also useful for their ‘Trips’-button. For instance, if you click on London Tourist Trot, you can see all the buildings and places you must go see when you go to London.

But there’s a new competitor in town… Since yesterday, Facebook Places arrived. As Foursquare and Gowalla, Facebook places let users check-in to venues from their mobile phone. But as you may have already guessed, you can also tag friends that you are with OR even allow your friends to tag you. So you don’t really need to have the right mobile for this application, as long as your friends have it. You better start checking your privacy settings and click at customise settings to control who can see ‘Places I check in’…

For business people, Facebook places can have more effects than just ‘letting your friends know where you are’. In an article of Likeable Media, you can read about some features you need to know for your business. Like ‘Claiming your place’, ‘Merging places with pages’ and ‘Advertising’. Might be beneficial for both customers as businesses?


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