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You may remember the name Fiverr from my blog post about ‘Social Media Resources You May Have Missed’. It’s a website where people share things they are willing to do for only $5. Because I needed a logo for my Facebook page i recently made and because I wanted to know how Fiverr exactly works, I went to the website and tried it out.

I first searched for the word ‘logo’ and then looked at the ratings of all the logo makers and picked one that seemed okay. I sent a message to that person to say what I wanted (which is a logo with a Spanish bee, with a smallsword like Zorro has). But that person didn’t reply so I tried another one, and another one… They all seemed very busy :) Then (after two days) I “finally” found some people to answer me. Two persons replied me that it was too much work for only $5. If I wanted the job done, I had to pay more. I didn’t want to pay more because it’s just a logo for my Facebook page and I can make a logo myself if I want, so I said ‘No Thanks’ and looked at the other replies. It was then I found ‘wadheanand’.

Wadheanand said “Yes sure will do that” and when I saw that he has a rating of 100%, I placed my order. He then gave me a sample of the logo he made and asked me if I wanted to change anything. After some changes, he gave me the logo which you can see at the top of this article. It’s not EXACTLY what I had in mind, but it’s a fun logo and definitely good enough for only $5! He also gave me the .psd file and the picture of the bee separately, so I could change things myself if I wanted. Because I can be a perfectionist from time to time, I did make some changes about the logo. You can see the results at my new Facebook Page. It’s still not exactly what I had in mind, so don’t be surprised if it would suddenly change :)

Anyway, I must say it was a good first Fiverr-experience! I can definitely recommend you wadheanand if you want a simple but good logo that doesn’t cost you much. $5 to be exact ;)


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