Starbucks And The 4 Keys To Social Media Engagement.

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I recently showed you an article telling Starbucks is even bigger on Facebook than Coca-Cola. Well today, on the blog of Jeff Bullas (a blog that wants to assist business and personal brands with social media marketing) I found an article that explains why they are bigger.

The article itself isn’t really about how Starbucks engages with their customers through social media, but more to explain that they are a good example when it comes to engage through social media. However, you do find a link in the article which brings you to a report by Altimeter, showing that Starbucks was found to be the most social media engaged brand out of the Worlds top 100 most valuable brands. Impressive, if you know that they have a social media team with only 6 people and had to stand up against companies like Google and Amazon that, as Jeff Bullas puts it, “live and breathe digital oxygen”. In the report you can read about their social media engagement (page 8) and about the social media engagement from Toyota (page 12), SAP (page 14) and Dell (page 16).

At the end of the article of Jeff Bullas, you’ll also find 4 key elements that are crucial for social media engagement with your customers:

1) Emphasize quality not just quantity

2) To scale engagement make social media part of everyone’s job

3) Doing it all may not be for you – but you must do something

4) Find your sweetspot

Can you do better than Starbucks?


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