Steal our ideas.

03/09/2010 at 17:53 1 comment

When I was younger I had a book full of ideas because I wanted to be an inventor. Unfortunately I don’t have the knowledge, technique or money to realise them, so I soon gave up that dream.

When moving my stuff into my apartment, I found that little book again which made me thinking. What if I… would put those ideas somewhere on the internet, for free, so that at least someone would use it… wouldn’t that be clever?

Unfortunately, someone apparently already did that. Two guys named Adam and John made a Tumblr blog called Steal Our Ideas, where they put their ideas to help people safe the time and energy to find ideas of their own. You can even e-mail them to ask for a specific idea.

Isn’t that thoughtful? I must say I like the Batman Movie-Poster Trailer idea a lot! I hope someone will steal it…


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