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Since I made this blog, I’m starting to use Twitter more and more. I must say I didn’t like Twitter in the beginning, because some people post almost everything about their life (like what they are eating or how they feel) on it. For me, that kind of information belongs to real life conversations, to your mother, your friends or your lover. Not to the whole Twitter world.

But I learned to ignore those posts – after all, it’s your own choice what you want to post or not – and started to explore the world of Twitter. By doing this, I stumbled on a lot of applications that makes Twitter even more interesting.

For instance, on Mashable there’s an article about Chrome Extensions for Twitter. I immediately installed the ‘Twitter Share This Page’ and ‘Twitter Extender’ but only used the Twitter Extender so far because instead of the ‘Twitter Share This Page’, it’s better to install the AddToAny extension. Much more possibilities! The rest of the extensions didn’t seem that useful to me, but might seem useful to you?

On Squidoo – a publishing platform and community that makes it easy to create “lenses” (or pages) online – someone posted a list called ‘The Only Twitter Applications List You’ll Ever Need’. I don’t think it’s the only one, but it sure has been a great help! For instance, there seem to be a lot of Twitter applications that allow you to show the location from where you tweet, without having a Foursquare or Gowalla account. It only takes some time to test them all :)

I love music, so I searched for applications to share music on Twitter and found another interesting article of Mashable. I first tried SongTwit out of that list, but it seems that you can only upload a song, tweet people that you’re listening to it and allow people to download the song. They have to download it if they want to hear it, so I didn’t really like that application. was more interesting, because you can also submit something from youtube or from soundcloud. But I didn’t like that application either because you can’t upload anything from your computer and if you search for a song or artist, you don’t get to hear the full track.

Third time’s a charm, so I tried another one named tinysong. And I loved it! It works with the music sharing service Grooveshark, so you can search in a huge library of songs. Plus, you can not only share the song you picked on Twitter, but also on Facebook, Tumblr, StumbleUpon and via Email. And the best part is that your followers can actually listen to the song, without downloading it first. I know now which one I’ll use the next time I want to share a song :) Or maybe that will be in the future, while I recently starting to use my profile. But for the ones without any music profile, I would recommend tinysong.

To finally end this blog post (although there are probably A LOT more applications to tell about), there are two more articles of Mashable I want to show you, both about sharing an audio tweet. Always nice for to wish someone a happy birthday or a Merry Christmas :) Here you’ll find applications only for Twitter and this article tells you how to share voice notes via Twitter, Facebook and Blogs.

Ok enough Mashable for today! I hope this was useful and if you have Twitter recommendations for me, then don’t hesitate to tell me.


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