New Facebook Groups.

23/10/2010 at 11:15 Leave a comment

When I logged in on Facebook today, I suddenly got this frame on my screen:

“Try New Groups”. Strange. It looks like the ‘old’ groups, but apparently it’s a bit different. While I’m pretty curious, I immediately clicked on ‘Create a Group’. And BAM, I got this frame:

Okay, so now you can change the little image that stands before your group name, so people can see better what’s the group about. For instance: a soccer ball for a sport group, a (musical) note for a music group or a dog paw for a group about animals. Nice, but not really special.

So I was wondering what else is new and created some random group name and set the privacy on ‘Closed group’, so no one else would see that random group. After that I had to do some existing steps like uploading a group image and explain what’s the group about. But what’s new is this step:

“A group email address”. That’s more like it! Such an email address would be easier to share content or ask questions and makes it able for people who aren’t a member of Facebook to contact the group.

Seems to me that these new Facebook groups are indeed more perfect to share private content, with only a certain amount and type of people. Especially when I saw this new feature:

Sharing docs can be very necessary for a group of students, colleagues or friends who want to create an event or something. Most people use Google docs or Hotmail or something like that for sharing group work and group information, so it’s smart of Facebook to add this to Facebook groups. Or maybe they just want to compete with Google… Anyway, another tool to increase the ease for the members of a group is the Facebook group chat:

I’ve read about it before, but I’m not so sure it’s really useful because the normal Facebook chat is mostly not working or not working good so this one probably won’t be any better. It’s easier to just typ a post about what you want to talk about and let the other members reply. But hey, if it would work perfectly, then it’s not a bad tool.

The last new thing I noticed, are the adjustable notifications:

And that’s about it. There hasn’t changed much, but I like the adjustments. Especially the ‘docs’ button and the group email address. The only button I didn’t find, was the ‘delete’ button… Damn!


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