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Hello, it’s been a while. And that’s because of two reasons. The first one is that it’s that time of the year called autumn, when a lot of people are getting a cold or a fever and of course I have to be one of those people. But hey, that’s life. The second reason is that I wanted to make a WordPress version of my blog because unfortunately Tumblr fails at some points. For example, if someone gives a reaction to one of my posts, I can’t seem to answer it. And also, Tumblr doesn’t have categories and is therefore not so clarifying. It only has an archive, which is great but you can’t really see what the posts are about when you take a look at that archive.

While WordPress is a very popular blog and can fix the problems I have with Tumblr, I made But then I bumped into another problem. You can import a lot of blogs into WordPress, but no Tumblr blogs (not yet). Bummer! So that’s why i also made a Posterous blog.

A great advantage of Posterous is that it allows me to keep my Tumblr blog. Because if I post something on posterous, I can choose to let it automatically post on any blog or service I want. So convenience!

So now you can find (and follow) this blog herehere and of course still here. Enjoy!

OH and I also have a new logo! What do you think? When you give your opinion in my WordPress or Posterous blog, I can actually answer you this time :) So spill it out!


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