Creative Ambient Ads.

12/11/2010 at 18:22 2 comments

I love ambient marketing and although I choose to specialise in digital marketing, I think it’s one of the most interesting concepts of marketing. For those who don’t know what ambient marketing is: “ambient marketing, also called place-based marketing, reaches prospects wherever they happen to be in the right environment to be receptive to your message.” If you translate it literally, it’s called ‘marketing in the surrounding environment’.

On Bored Panda, a – as I quote – “highly visual oddities magazine dedicated to showcasing the world’s most creative artworks, offbeat products and everything that’s really weird or wonderful”, I found some cool and creative ambient ads that will make you love ambient marketing as well.

These three here, are three examples of the ‘33+ Cool and Creative Ambient Ads’ on Bored Panda:

Silk Soft – Toilet Tissue Promotion

Colgate – Don’t Forget

Frontline – Get Them Off Your Dog

These two are two examples of the ‘Another 25 Creative Ambient Ads’ on Bored Panda:

McDonald’s: MacFries Pedestrian Crossing

Ninteno Toilet Crosswords

If you like these and really are a bored panda, then you should definitely take a look at the 20+ Creative Elevator Ads, the 20 Most Creative Ads on Buildings and the 33 Cool and Creative Bus Stop Advertisements.

So, what do you think of ambient marketing?


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