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Remember my blog post about flavors.me? Well, forget about that, here’s about.me!

It looks VERY similar to flavors.me, but it’s actually the improved version. Why? Well first of all, it has a better name in my opinion. It sounds a bit more… professional. But let’s put that aside and discuss the main differences.

The start is about the same: make an account, log in, name your page and tell something about yourself. After that you can start personalising. I picked the same background as my flavors.me page, to really see the differences (or similarities). I don’t have to say much about the design, as it looks quite alike. Only the fonts of about.me are better and you have more to choose from. Plus you can place your ‘profile’ anywhere you want to.

But the real advantage of about.me is the Dashboard. When visitors come to your page, the Profile Statistics tab on that Dash will tell you all about who’s visiting and what they’re interested in. On the Dashboard there’s also a Promote tab to let more people know where to find your about.me profile. And the Datastacks tab can show you all kinds of interesting information about how you use the services you’ve attached to your profile.

At the moment I prefer my flavors.me page a little bit more, although the about.me page has a more professional look because of the service icons and the email button to contact me. So later (maybe not so long anymore…) when I’ll be working, I can typ my job title under my name instead of ’21-year-old female student’. (Plus typ a longer biography.)

But let’s shut up about.me.

How about you?


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Facebook Profile Headers. Memolane.

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