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Today I received my invite code for Memolane. Memolane is a time machine for the web, where you can capture photos, music, tweets, Facebook posts and much more. To receive an invite, all you have to do is enter your email address and be patient.

For those who are having trouble being patient, here’s a preview of what you can expect:

First of all: “Yes you really need an invite to log in”. Secondly you also need content for your Memolane:

When you add your Facebook account, you get to see the events you are attending or did attend, the pictures you uploaded and when you uploaded them, the pictures you were tagged in and everything you posted on your wall (like statuses, videos, links …). You won’t get to see what other people posted on your wall (but this doesn’t bother me).

Twitter is currently not working on Memolane, but if you want to know how that would look like, you just have to check the Memolane video.

I didn’t add my Flickr or Picasa account ’cause I hardly post photos on it. At first I added my profile as well, but it’s not very useful to me (perhaps to see what music you used to listen to when you were younger and compare it with the music you are currently listening to, but I started to use my profile in September this year so that wouldn’t work).

The only thing (besides Facebook and Twitter) I added as well is my Foursquare account. I don’t use it much (because I think it’s creepy if everyone would know all the time where you are) but I’m gonna try to use it more on special occasions so I can remember them on my Memolane.

One last thing you need to know, is that you can choose how you want to share your Memolane:

I have to say, I love it already! I spend almost all my time today watching the pictures and Facebook statuses from my Erasmus experience. It made me nostalgic :) Here’s for instance a view on my last days in Portsmouth (England), after living there for almost 5 months:

Now make your own Memolane!


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