Consumer trends 2011.

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First of all, Happy New Year!! I know most people say this the day after New Year’s Eve, but better late than never…

2011 has just started and already many people and organisations have tried to predict how this year is going to look like., one of the world’s leading consumer trends firm, did this in their current trend report when 2011 hadn’t even started yet. Some of you probably have read it already, but for those who hasn’t I would like to share 11 crucial consumer trends for 2011. 

Before you start reading, they mention some important things. Read them carefully, because you shouldn’t rely only on these 11 trends.

So what are these trends?

1) Random Acts Of Kindness

2) Urbanomics

3) Pricing Pandemonium

4) Made For China (If Not Bric)

5) Online Status Symbols

6) Wellthy

7) Social-Lites And Twinsumers

8) Emerging Generosity

9) Planned Spontaneity

10) Eco superior

11) Owner-Less

These trends aren’t really new for me. Pricing Pandemonium for instance has made websites like iBood and eBay more profitable. It’s also the reason for new online websites to start, like Snapstore and ShopVIP. They let you think that you’re part of an exclusive group who gets to know first when there are (limited time) sales of leading brands, but it’s not so hard to be “selected”…

Eco superior and online status symbols are also not a surprising trend. Actually none of these trends really surprise me. ‘Cause let’s be honest, who doesn’t know already that China is taking over the world? :) If think that if you really want information about trends you (probably) don’t know already, you should check out their Prepium Membership service.

Or just keep your eyes and ears open.



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