Paperlinks is finally launched!

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Remember the introduction video I posted about Paperlinks? Well I just received an e-mail that a beta version is finally launched! Of course I wanted to try it immediately so I signed up for a personal account (which is free, the other two accounts ‘business’ and ‘agency’ cost money).

To begin you have to have a subject, some information about it (you get two lines for that) and a picture which you need to upload from your computer. These are things you normally need to make a QR-code. But then comes the new features: adding modules that will power your paperlink. Because it’s new, you can choose to watch a video tutorial. I watched it but there’s actually not much information in it, you can figure it out yourself if you want. What the video doesn’t tell you is that there are some pre-populate selected modules to choose from: standard, business card, point-of-sale, retail badge, marketing collateral, menu, announcement, invitation, personal stationery and point of interest. But hey, you don’t really need those while you can personalise your own modules anyway. Just click, drag and rename if necessary.

Because I have a personal account, I can only choose between 4 modules: Introduction, Photos, Comments and Contact Info. If you want the modules Links, Video, Promo Offer, Twitter Feed, Direct Link 1, Direct Link 2, Direct Link 3 and Download on iTunes, you’ll have to pay. Which is quite normal, but not good for me. The good thing is that the header of each module can be renamed, so I’m not totally limited to those 4 modules.

After adding content to the modules, you’re done! Here’s one I made very quickly (’cause I need some sleep while I have a presentation in the morning):

It says ‘Scan me with the free Paperlinks iPhone app’, which is a problem ’cause I don’t have an iPhone. I do have a smartphone and it seems to work with UpCode, my QR code generator, as well. I must say it looks a lot better than the other QR codes I made so far. Much clearer and more possiblities. If people start scanning qr codes more and more, I would definitely consider to upgrade to the business or agency account.

But the question is, do people really use QR codes?


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