Magnum Pleasure Hunt.

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One of my interests that I haven’t mentioned yet is ice cream. I once ate 15 balls of ice cream after an entire main course. But that’s another story. The reason why I started this sentence is because Magnum – as we probably all know is the name of an ice cream brand owned by Unilever – brought out a game called ‘pleasure hunt‘.

It’s an interactive game where you play a woman who has to collect as many chocolates as you can by using your arrow keys to move forwards and backwards and your space spar to jump. During the game you explore a lot of different websites like Samsung, Youtube, Dove, Spotify, Tiger of Sweden, …

It’s well made and a lot of fun! On the blog of Veronica Wallström you can find a list of the people who were involved and a video about the game (if it wouldn’t work on your computer or if you don’t have the time to play the entire game). I recommend you to play the game, but if you really really don’t have the time for it, then just eat a magnum instead ;)


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