Lady Gaga’s Social Influences [infographic]

Two years ago I told you that Lady Gaga is a Marketing Genius. Her influence has grown a lot since then and she seems unstoppable! Here are some interesting statistics about her social reach:


Source: [Dutch]


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#LinkedIn Analysis [Infographic]


Source: VisualLoop

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Ray-Ban #Facebook app: All Tomorrow’s Legends

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The new #GooglePlus looks way better

It was about time that Google+ made some changes. What do you think of the new interface?

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Tipp-Ex does it again!

Remember my post about the Tipp-Ex Hunting Experience? [Dutch] Well, there’re back!

An excellent example of how to make great use of YouTube annotations! I hope other brands will be inspired by these videos, because I would love to see more of them.

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Did you know… that not all your #Facebook Page posts are visible to your fans?

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Facebook Timeline For Facebook Pages: 12 changes you need to know about

On March 30, 2012 all Facebook Pages will get the new Facebook Timeline design. There will be 12 important changes you definitely need to know about:


Have you changed your Facebook page already? Or will you wait until March 30?

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